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Have you ever walked into your office 20 minutes before your first patient only to find out that one of your staff members won’t be in due to illness or an emergency?

Rather than cancel your entire schedule or cut back, call Core Dental Staffing! These types of emergencies are what we handle on a daily basis. Rely on us to find the right team member to save the day.

Core Dental Staffing, LLC provides carefully screened dental health professionals for full-time or temporary positions. From administrative staff to dental assistants and hygienists, we will find the right fit for your practice.

Whether it’s a planned vacation or a family emergency, we can provide a fantastic professional to help out. Regardless of how long you need a replacement, you can be assured that our professionals will be of the highest quality.

It’s difficult to find good people. Finding the right person can take up more time than you have available. We won’t rest until we find someone who fits your position perfectly. Just tell us who you’re looking for and what kind of qualifications they need.


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The perfect employee is easier to find than ever. At Core Dental Staffing, LLC, we can help you find your next employee.

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Core Dental Staffing, LLC is always looking for dedicated, hardworking dental professionals looking for a position where they can provide the highest quality of patient care. Whether you are new to the industry, or an experienced professional, the right position is just a few clicks away. Contact us to get started.